About 5DCinema9ja

The 5D Cinema combines 3D physical and environmental effects for an ultimate theater experience. See, hear, smell and touch Cinema like never before! Hold unto your seats as it shakes, tilts, rotates, vibrates and turns. Feel the wind on your skin, a tickle on your legs or feel water vapor as it sprays on your face. The new 5D Cinema really makes you part of the action.

Five dimensional cinema combines the revival of the 3D Glasses with movie seats and a combination of scents, wind and vapor sprayed towards viewers of the respective movies. Its an overall feast for the senses, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

The simulating experience is the latest in movie technology and takes watching films to a new level. Shows include family, children, teenager and Adult friendly short films lasting Seven to Twelve minutes with titles such as Crazy Coaster, Bloody Road 1, Eagle Roller Coaster, Forest Adventure, Jungle Pyramid, Fright Island, Pumpkin Ghost, Volcano Adventure and many more!

Also available for rental is our Mobile 5D Cinema.